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Public Areas on this Deck

Cova Café
A latte and a flaky croissant in the Cova Café is a great way to start the day. Discuss your day's adventures over an afternoon espresso and sweet temptations or listen to classical music over a late night cordial.
Rendez-Vous Lounge
Elegant décor, live music and the perfect setting to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.
Celebrity Theater
The stage comes alive in the state-of-the-art theater with dazzling special effects and Broadway-style productions.
Cinema and Conference Room
Gather with fellow guests for an enlightening lecture series given by the diverse team of Naturalists. Slide and video presentations include stories about explorers of the past, the surrounding environment, and general entertainment films.
Card Room
Try your hand at a game of gin rummy or simply take in the lovely sea view in this intimate space.
Envelop yourself in warmth and comfort as you curl up with a novel. Enjoy the quiet luxury of the library at sea.
The Grand Restaurant
The two-story dining room offers a true feast for the senses, with floor-to-ceiling windows, elegant china, attentive white-glove service and five-star gourmet cuisine.
Enjoy 24-hour access to the Internet and send and receive email at the onboard Internet stations.