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CruiseCare Vacation Protection Plan

To make sure that your clients have nothing to think about except having a good time, we offer our CruiseCare Vacation Protection Plan. CruiseCare protects your client both before and during their cruise vacation.

Special Feature
With CruiseCare, your clients receive a future travel credit for 75% of the cancellation charges if they cancel for a reason that is not covered by the insurance portion of CruiseCare.* This protection is in addition to 100% cash reimbursement for cancellation penalties if clients cancel their cruise for a covered reason.

Benefits to Your Clients
Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption – cash reimbursement, up to a Total Cruise Vacation cost, for cancellations and interruptions due to covered illness, injury, or death of immediate family members as well as other covered reasons.

Future Cruise Credits - equal to 75% of the cancellation penalty for noncovered, voluntary cancellations.*

Trip Delay – up to $500 USD per person, in the event of a covered delay to or from the Cruise Vacation.

Medical Protection – up to $10,000 USD per person, for reimbursement of medical expenses incurred due to a covered illness or injury during the Cruise Vacation.

Emergency Medical Transportation - up to $25,000 USD per person, arranged and prepaid by AIG Assist for emergency medical transportation.

Baggage Protection - up to $1,500 USD reimbursement toward lost, stolen or damaged bags and $500 for purchase of necessary items if bags are delayed more than 24 hours.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance - 24 hours a day, multilingual traveler's emergency hotline.

Benefits to You
Commission Protection: We recognize the frustration that can result when a canceled cruise vacation erodes your commission. At Celebrity Cruises, we want to make sure that your hard work is compensated. Celebrity Cruises provides commission protection if your insured client then cancels their cruise vacation. You receive your actual commission amount on fully paid bookings with CruiseCare, up to a maximum of the penalty imposed should your client cancel their cruise for any reason.

Easy Enrollment: CruiseCare is automatically included on your client's invoice. To enroll your clients, simply advise your clients to pay the total invoice amount, inclusive of CruiseCare when making their final payment. Your client is enrolled upon our receipt of the full payment for their vacation, including the CruiseCare amount.

Toll-Free Help: If you or your clients have any questions concerning coverage, please call Celebrity's CruiseCare Help Line at BerkelyCare, Ltd, 800-797-4516.

Reasonable Rates
CruiseCare is available at the following prices per person. Please note that rates are subject to change.


Price of the Cruise

CruiseCare Cost

$0 USD - $500 USD

$29 USD

$501 USD - $1,000 USD

$59 USD

$1,001 USD - $1,500 USD

$89 USD

$1,501 USD - $2,000 USD

$119 USD

$2,001 USD - $2,500 USD

$159 USD

$2,501 USD - $3,000 USD

$199 USD

$3,001 USD - $3,500 USD

$259 USD

$3,501 USD - $4,000 USD

$299 USD

$4,001 USD - $4,500 USD

$339 USD 

$4,501 USD - $5,000 USD

$379 USD

$5,001 USD - $5,500 USD

$419 USD

$5,501 USD - $6,000 USD

$459 USD 

$6,001 USD - $6,500 USD

$539 USD 

$6,501 USD - $7,000 USD

$569 USD

$7,001 USD - $7,500 USD

$599 USD

$7,501 USD - $8,000 USD

$639 USD

$8,001 USD - $8,500 USD

$679 USD

$8,501 USD - $9,000 USD

$709 USD

$9,001 USD - $9,500 USD

$749 USD

$9,501 USD - $10,000 USD

$789 USD

$10,001 or Greater

$799 USD

For more Details of the Coverage See the online Brochure

Note: This is just a brief summary of benefits. Other limitations such as a pre-existing condition exclusion apply. For full terms and conditions of coverage, contact Celebrity’s CruiseCare Help Line for the Description of Coverage pamphlet. If you have any questions concerning coverage, just call Celebrity’s CruiseCare Help Line at 800-797-4516. This program is available only to U.S. and Canadian residents, excluding residents of Puerto Rico. The insurance coverage is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, Policy No. 9500266. The plan cost may be paid at any time from deposit up to and including final payment. However, trip cancellation protection takes effect only upon payment of the CruiseCare plan cost in addition to any required cruise deposit. Payment of your cruise fare deposit without CruiseCare plan cost will not activate your coverage.

*Guests must cancel their cruise prior to departure and must file a cancellation claim with BerkelyCare, the program administrator, to be eligible for future cruise credits. Credits expire one year after issue date, are nontransferable and not applicable to holiday or inaugural sailings. Credits have no cash value and, if applied to a booking of lesser value, will not result in any difference refunded in cash. Credits may not be used for deposits, only final payment, and can be used only on the cruise brand originally booked. Only original copies of credit letters can be accepted; copies or altered letters may not be used.