Whatever your game pleasure, there's so much to play on your Celebrity cruise. Celebrity's Activity Staff has thought of everything when it comes to challenging your knowledge and willingness to have fun. Some are inside, some are poolside, and anyone willing to have a great time is eligible. So whether you're ready for the hot seat or just prefer a deck chair with a view of the action, we've got one waiting.

Poolside Events
Bring your enthusiasm and spirit of friendly competition poolside for lively games like the Celebrity Poolside Challenge, the King of the Cruise Competition, Pool Volleyball and the ever so popular Pillow Pole Pool Party.

"Name that Tune" Series
Sail back in time and test your knowledge of all musical genres, styles and tastes. Whether your specialty is Big Band, 50's Rock n' Roll, 60's British Invasion, Motown or TV Land, bring it with you and see how you fare.

Celebrity "Classic Game Show Series"
We're unsure whether the contestants or the audience have the most fun at the versions of some classic TV Game shows. Everyone participates in the laughs during the "Place that Face", "Liar's Club" and the always hysterical "Newlywed/Not-so-Newlywed Game".

Trivia and Brain Teasers
For those trivia buffs who wonder when all that information will actually come in handy, your Activity Staff hosts all kinds of games like Cryptograms, Battle of the Sexes and trivia competitions each day. Who will be the King or Queen of Useless Information on your cruise?

Talent Show
Here's your chance to showcase your talent with fellow guests and feel what it's like to perform for a live audience. The best part? No judges.

* A minimum number of participants is required.

Snowball Jackpot Bingo
Play a card, or several, for a chance to win cash prizes at the rousing, not-so-run-of-the-mill Bingo sessions. It's easy to play, even if Free Space isn't yet a part of your vocabulary. Don't miss out on the opportunity to win a complimentary Celebrity Cruise at the "Win-a-Cruise" Bingo session. Check your "Celebrity Today" for information on times and locations. (4 day cruises or longer)

Board Games
Challenge your family to that board game you're secretly really good at (we won't tell). Board games favorites are always available for you to enjoy.



If you think the play by day on your cruise is entertaining, Celebrity will truly make you smile after the sun goes down. Each night of your sailing, you'll find world-renowned musicians playing live in one of the inviting nightclubs, or DJs spinning music to satisfy whatever kind you might find yourself in the mood for.

You'll also have the opportunity to spend your evenings in an era gone by. You won't want to miss some of these widely popular themed nights.

 Island Night Caribbean Party
When sailing the tropical itineraries, you'll celebrate the lively culture of the Islands with food and fun. Take your taste buds dancing to savory Caribbean flavors while you limbo and learn other popular Island dances - all, of course, to the rhythms of the onboard Party Band under a magical Caribbean moon.

50's Rock n' Roll Sock-Hop
Take a trip down memory lane with your bobby socks, letterman sweaters, slicked back ducktails, poodle skirts and retro styled bowling shirts. You'll Rock n' Roll, Twist and Swing the night away.

Motown Classic Soul Party
Dust off your 8-track tapes and platform shoes, and boogie on down to classic oldies by The Temptations, The Supremes, and the infinitely-groovy Smokey Robinson.

70's Classic Disco Dance Party
Who doesn't smile when we remember the timeless impact of The Bee Gees, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Village People and Gloria Gaynor? Do the hustle at this hot-hot-hot disco inferno until Donna Summer pronounces the infamous Last Dance.

Irish Pub Night
No one throws a party like the Irish, so come for food, fun and spirits to the recreation of Irish Craic - a fun, warm, friendly environment - and enjoy a pint of stout or lager to wash down great food and music from the Emerald Isle.

All-Star Karaoke
This is your chance to sing to your heart's content for your fellow guests. Pack your talent and you can be the star at least twice a cruise at the lively evening Karaoke sessions.